Trees – Thematic Photography

There are some village trees you become attached to, like these sycamores which stand next door to our front garden.

These beech trees has just been trimmed with the Council’s approval. You are not allowed to ‘butcher’ them.

They are right next to the footpath and from the size of their girth they must have stood there for at least 200 years.

Further up the road is the nearest walnut tree to our bungalow – 400 plus yards away.

I wonder every year if this is where the squirrels get the nuts I keep finding, buried in our back lawn.

As you will have seen it’s too early yet for any of these to be in leaf.

However with the horse chestnut in the local wood there are the first signs of things to come.

In the woods themselves there are different signs of life in the trees.

A tree trunk with its roots ripped out of the ground
But check out all the young trees and saplings that surround it, promising to more than fill the gap that it has left.
Elsewhere in the wood there is little left of what was once a tree.
Back home I find the sycamores’ revenge in the gravel of our pull-in.

Last year I had to weed out nearly 2000 of the damned things!

Guess I’ll need a rest before I get down to that. Just one set of trees to move first.

For the ‘inspiration’ behind this post just visit Carmi at Thematic-photographic-418-trees.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Leaves or Trees

I have a bit of a mixture for Leaves or Trees at Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week.

Walk 2 TP 006
Trees in Spring Bank Lay-by Kirklevington


messy 002
Well it was tree once
Cornwall 16 039
Heligan Gardens, Cornwall
Cornwall 16 030
Rhododendron, Heligan Gardens, Cornwall
cornwall 15 062
Old Yew Tree – St Mawgan, Cornwall