Looking Down

When you are out walking there are times when it helps if you look

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Down – thistledown

Down a slope it’s surprising how large you look.




New Fence and Snail Rail

New Fence and Snail Rail

We think that the garden fence we have just had to replace had been there for 50 years.

The new fence with concrete posts should last much longer and not be defeated by the ivy with stems of 2 inches diameter should it dare to come back.

Even if hidden by the equally new garden shed.
A recent thunderstorm has changed the character of a different fence alongside a wood which I pass every day.
It has now become
The snail rail
Scores of snails about the size of my thumbnail  occupy the top rail.
Each snail train possesses different livery –
Some have even found the way to change rail lines to avoid congestion.
I shall have to check it out again tomorrow as more storms are forecast for tonight.
Meanwhile, all aboard the ‘Snail Rail’ for Good Fences.