Sunday Stamps – Y3 China, Yugoslavia, USA

I have had  to revert to a country name this week by choosing Yugoslavia for one of my stamps.

Yugoslavia – December 1951

The country broke up in 1992 and the area has had a turbulent history since.

Another country that has seen major changes in my lifetime is –

China – 6 January 1949

The gentleman on the stamp is Dr Sun Yat-sen, once leader of the Chinese National Party and known as the father of modern China. He served as the first provisional president of the Republic of China in 1911/1912 and as defacto ruler 1923-1925.

I have never had the chance to visit any of the National Parks in the USA but here is one that is known worldwide.

USA – 24 February 2006
Yosemite National Park

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I could not let V.J.’S Weekly Challenge – Windows pass without showing two windows from the village church in Kirklevington, North Yorkshire.


The church itself is shown in the photo above.

Kirklevington is where Thomas Bates lived; he is buried in the church graveyard. Bates is known worldwide for the development of shorthorn cattle – a breed which is also incorporated in one of the windows of the church.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Seeing Red

Here’s some shots that have me ‘Seeing Red.’ Red is all around.

This plant has been in our garden for a long time, but decided to flower this past summer.

Cody has been around a long time too but is always ready for a game. When his coat is long then he is reddish as well.

Cody, waiting for the kick-off.
He’s is only pretending to be alseep.
Also at the ready at Stockton’s riverside was this fire engine with the high reach ladder and hose.
Simon Snorkel
Fire practice
A pedigree Border Collar with her red prizes has a water connection as well.

Elemark Waterlily (Lily)

This house in Yarm maintains both the red and and the water link.

Flood Cottage, Yarm
And finally there is this fellow, definitely seeing red after flying into our lounge window early one morning.
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

Sunday Stamps – ‘I3’ – Czechoslovakia, Great Britain

Sunday Stamps A-Z third time around has reached ‘I’.

A scarce swallowtail butterfly is my first stamp this week.

Czechoslovakia – 23 May 1966
Other names for iphiclides podalirius are sail swallowtail and pear tree swallowtail.
1978 was the year for the 25th Anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth when she was crowned with the –
Great Britain – 31 May 1978
Imperial State Crown
The Queen also wears this crown at the annual State Opening of Parliament.
In 1841 Sir Richard Owen coined the word dinosaur from two Greek words – deinos (terrible, powerful, wondrous) and sauros (lizard). Owen was also responsible for setting up what we now know as the Natural History Museum.
Great Britain – 20 August 1991
150th Anniversary of Owen’s Dinosaurs
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October – A Photo a Day Challenge – A Study in Scarlet

Two days after Citysonnet’s Scarlet challenge here’s what I found round and about.

Scarlet tree

And on the hedges –

Scarlet haws


scarlet hips

Even one reflecting the sun –

Scarlet hip

Flowers stand out in our garden –

Scarlet begonia

And if I lose my way at night I can always use –

Scarlet torch
A Torch



Pull Up A Seat Photo Challenge Week 5

A bit of a mixture here for XingfuMama’s challenge Pull Up A Seat

On Belle Isle, Detroit someone has yet to take advantage of the seat that has been pulled up for their use.

Belle Isle 3

Cornwall 16 007
Bill & Ben, the Flowerpot Men

They are waiting in a Cornish pub’s garden for people to sit down.

Deck Dogs 2

What better than pulling up a seat, with a glass of wine and three dogs to keep you company.

However some ‘dogs’ can pull up a seat anywhere.

Kirk Scare 16 016

But look closely – it’s an entry in a scarecrow competition.