Sick o’ more

This is the time of year when leaves from the sycamore trees in next door gardens deposit their leaves and seeds on our drive, gravel pull-in and front lawn.

In the spring it’s not unusual to remove 2000 seedlings from the gravel. Meanwhile it’s bag after bag, after bag to fill and dispose of in the final green waste collection of the year on 10 November.

I used to have a wheel barrow which could be proped up for me to snatch a rest. I can understand how this chap came to look like this –

Also I think I can understand why George was smiling when discarded in a local wood.

Then I remembered that it’s Halloween and this is not laughing at me.

FOTD September 7 Cuckoopint

The berries on my plant for today are definitely poisonous, often fatally so.

The other name of this plant is Lords and Ladies. Its curious flowers have led to it being called Adam and Eve, parson-in-the-pulpit and bulls and cows.Other colloquial names in Dutch, French and German refer to the male sexual organ. Cuckoopint, the name by which I first knew it, derives from the Old English ‘pintel’ for a penis.
It’s worth looking at how the plant develops.

These open out to form a sort of cowl from which the flower emerges.

Flower emerging (right hand)
The long-stalked leaves have typical dark purple spots. but what really catches your eye is – 

After pollination the berries develop on the ‘phallic symbol’ you can see. Initially a shiny bright green, they ripen through yellow to the bright red in my photo taken this week

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Sunday Stamps – Anniversaries: Canada, Australia

The Queen is associated with both my stamps this week, one from Canada and one from Australia

1967 saw the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation and a series of stamps issued that included – 
Canada – 8 February 1967
I’m guessing that the ship depicted is on a canal – the St Lawrence Seaway?

The golden wattle is the floral emblem of Australia  and appeared as a diamond brooch on the stamp commemorating the 90th anniversary of the birth of the Queen.

Australia – 5 April 2016

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