Pull Up A Seat: 2020 Week 5

For zingfumama this week I visited our local town of Yarm in North Yorkshire. There were plenty of choices to pull up a seat on a cold morning,


If you preferred the ones in the background, here’s a closer look –


And if you need a further lesson there’s a seat you could take home with you from a charity shop.


Moon Shots

The moon stood out clearly in a blue sky this afternoon so I could not resist taking a shot or two at it.



These were taken at 1545.

At 1815 it looked entirely different but was still all alone in the sky other than it appeared to have ‘tipped over’ a bit.


At least I could still see to move about on earth.

Hunting a buzzard

A buzzard has appeared in a local field and frequents some nearby woods. It’s proving very hard to get a decent photo of it, This is my ‘best’ so far.


While I have been searching for it every day a tree close by has caught my attention – especially this part near the ground.


And then higher up there is somewhere animals (squirrels), birds (owls) and perhaps the buzzard may hide.


I shall just have to keep checking every day.


I’d Vote for This

Yesterday was the day to vote in the UK General Election. The only political contacts we’ve had have been with candidates stuffing leaflets through our door.

However there was one visitor that I’m always pleased to welcome no matter what colour he supports.


A movement made him turn his head.


He sat on top of the hedge for quite a while – perhaps he needed a referendum to decide whether to Remain or get his (Br)exit done!


The Lonely Bale

This field near my home was full of bales of straw after this year’s harvest. For some reason all that is left now –

A Lonely Bale

The bale is 1/4 mile away from the road where I took the photo and is half-way across the field.

At the edge of the verge further down the road something has excavated a hole c 1″ in diameter – a mouse??


What you can’t see is a paw print in the soil thrown out – I wonder what the dog made of the hole.