Sunday Stamps II: A-Z ‘O’

I knew I would be in trouble as I have no stamps for a country beginning with ‘O’.

For reasons that will become apparent I chose this instead.

Munzturm Hall – Republic   Österreich

Last week I chose an ‘old’ stamp deliberately, when I did the same today for Germany I came across another connection to a ‘national figure’.

Germania – Deutsches Reich – 1920

The actress Anna Führing was the model used by engraver Paul Edward Waldraff. Germania wearing an octagonal crown, holds a sword and an olive branch.

It was the economic situation in Germany that lead to the issue of this stamp in 1922.

Stamp over printed 1 million marks

It was not long before the country became under the rule of – 

Adolf Hitler

He had been born in Austria and was to set Albert Speer on creating the new capital of Germania for the Reich that was intended to last for 1000 years. The great hall planned to stand near the Reichstag was intended to hold 180,000 people.

The rest we say is history.

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Sunday Stamps II: A-Z ‘N’ – Maps & Zealandia.

I have found another stamp showing a map of the country’s location. Although the country has the name of Sabah it used to be:

North Borneo – 1 February 1961
Now for something old as well as new –
The female figure of Zealandia was intended to become a figure of national personification representing New Zealand in the same way that Britannia represents the UK.
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Calendar Dogs

Back in 2006 and in subsequent years my daughter sent me calendars with her dogs as the stars. These are the dogs :

Gem, Sam, Jack and Maxi

November dogs appeared as:

“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.”



” A piece of grass a day keeps the vet away.” 

(Unknown Dog)

{Jack 2008 & 2006)

Sunday Stamps II: A-Z ‘M’

Last week comments on the Grace Kelly stamp mentioned a map in the background that was difficult to see.

It just so happens that a stamp from Macau in my collection has also maps hard to see – until I enhanced it to post here.

Macau – 7 May 1956
Formerly a Portuguese colony, the 1987 Sino-Portuguese Declaration made Macau one of the special administrative regions of China.
Macau consists of the Macau peninsular and the islands of Taipa and Coloane; the islands are connected by landfill to form Cotal.
The Kelly name also enables me to revert to that famous Australian bushranger (Ned Kelly) and the bush baby shown under ‘K”. Here’s another from Malawi.
Malawi – 3 September 1975
Nyasaland was part of the British Central African Protectorate from 1889 until independence in 1964 when it became Malawi.

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